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Express Certification for Pesticide Applicator Certification and Training

Train online conveniently, according to your busy schedule

Express Certification will prepare you to take the applicator certification exams in Maryland or West Virginia

Express Certification courses are equivalent to 6 months as a registered technician in Maryland and West Virginia

Express Certification is your FAST track to legal pesticide application if you don't have time to attend classes.

In a hurry? Express Certification lets you move as quickly as you can through the courses


Pesticide Use and Safety (core manual)

MD 3A-Ornamental Exterior - landscape IPM

MD 3B, WV 4B-Ornamental Interior
and Greenhouse IPM

MD 3C-Turf IPM

WV 4A Ornamental and Turf

MD 05, WV 06-Aquatic Weed IPM

MD 06, WV 07- Right-of-way

MD 7A & 7D-Structural and Rodent IPM

MD 7B & WV 8B - Termites & other WDO's

WV 8A-General Pest Control

MD 08-Public Health/Mosquito IPM

WV 13D Mosquito Control

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MD Exam Dates WV Exam Dates

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